It is important to know which works would benefit from additional or improved framing, and help find the best framing choices available. Working closely with some of the best carvers, guilders and designers in the industry, I can help find the best framing solution to fit any style. Sometimes the most important thing you can do to properly show your paintings, drawings, watercolors and prints is to put a quality frame on it. Improper or inadequate framing diminishes many perfectly nice pieces. Alternatively, a nice frame can make even modest pictures look like masterworks. Framing does not need to be prohibitively expensive either. There are many options out there to accommodate all styles, tastes, and budgets.
Also, a proper frame can protect a work of art from damage and distress. In the case of works on paper, damage from acid based papers and adhesives can be avoided through proper archival matting and framing. Paintings on canvas that are improperly framed can suffer from surface abrasions, surface cracks in the paint usually resulting from stresses on the canvas, or even punctures and tears. All of these can be avoided with the right frame.