Determining where restoration or conservation might be necessary is an important part of any art consultation. There are many restorers out there who offer varying services and levels of cost and quality. I can help find whom best to have work on your items and see the process through from start to finish.Many works of art suffer serious damage over the years for many reasons. Paintings are bumped and brushed and poked and torn. Paper is creased, crumpled, torn, and stained. Prints and watercolors fall off of their hinges, and corners get bent. Light and moisture damage paper, and mold attacks canvas and boards. Paintings crack from excessive fluctuations in hot and cold temperatures or even simply as a result of the materials used in the pigments and paints. Dusty or smoky environments can soil paintings and other works of art.

All of these things can damage not only the appearance and quality of the work of art, but can also adversely affect the resale value of the work, potentially causing you to lose money on what might have previously been a good investment. A good restorer can do wonders in bringing a painting or other work of art back to life. Timely paper restoration and archival matting and framing is also very important when it comes to mitigating the problems that tend to occur with works on paper.

I can also help you identify condition problems in works you might be interested in purchasing. Auction houses tend to provide condition reports when requested, however understanding the implications of the issues described is a different thing. Knowing how much money you might need to restore a work of art is a useful thing when going into a negotiation or an auction. I can provide a second look at something you are thinking of buying to give you a better sense of the condition of the work and what might be needed to keep it in good condition.