Advisory & Consulting

If you are building a fine art collection, and can’t find exactly what you want in my inventory, allow me to assist you in an Advisory capacity. Many times clients choose to build a collection over time and need someone to hold their hand through the cycles of the auction season, art fairs, and gallery and museum shows. Let me monitor the numerous offerings at auction and in retail settings to find you the best examples at the best prices to build or augment your collection. It is hard to have the time to keep track of the fluctuations of value of what you own or what you are looking for. Let me keep track for you and advise you as to when to buy, when to sell and what to hold on to for the long term.

Additionally, there are many fakes and forgeries on the market which can be very hard to detect. I can help to weed out the bad works or art from the good and make sure that your collection is protected from unscrupulous sellers who would otherwise take advantage of a collector who can’t dedicate the time to research and authenticate their purchases.