Jade Fon, Golden Gate Bridge
Jade Fon (American, 1911-1983)
Bathers on Baker Beach looking towards the Golden Gate Bridge
pencil and watercolor on paper
estate-stamped (lower left)
14 ¼ x 21 ½ in.
23 ¼ x 30 in. (framed)

price available upon request

Jade Fon (Woo) is a California artist whose work is focused primarily around the city of San Francisco, as is the subject work. Fon began his work as a set artist for film, and worked on the production of Gone with the Wind. He was primarily a watercolorist and worked in a very quick and loose style, as was the nature of painting in watercolor in a Plein-Air setting. He enjoyed depicting scenes of regular people taking part in everyday or leisure activities. This work shows a group of figures preparing to swim at Baker Beach under the Golden Gate Bridge, a favorite subject of the artist, with a number of sailboats in the background.