About Mason

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I am Mason Thune, the owner and operator of Thune Fine Art, a private Brokerage and Art Advisory business in Los Angeles, California. I can help you with discrete and confidential purchasing and sales as well as curating, appraisals and other art related services.
As a private dealer, I strive to maintain an inventory of strong works of art, both in painting and on paper, by major artists of the highest quality. I work directly with conservators and framing specialists, when needed, to prepare the works to show exceptionally well and am able to pass along that level of quality and attention to detail to my clients.
Over the past years the financial markets have fluctuated wildly. The art market, on the other hand, has shown consistent, and in some cases astronomical, growth. Let me help you build a collection which can showcase your sense of taste and sophistication as well as help build stable and solid value for the future.